Putting together the itinerary

I’m writing this from a very poorly laptop. The problem seems to be something to do with the graphics card, so I have disabled that. It’s kinda working, but everything is slow. Anyhow, the good news it’s working well enough to write this blog entry.

Even more slowly (smooth link, eh?) our travel plans have been coming together. We fly out from the UK on 6th December and between then and a family reunion in Pampanga on 19th December we have to keep to a fairly tight itinerary. Here’s how it’s working out:

6 – Fly out from Gatwick (Qatar Airlines, via Doha)
7 – Short stop in Hong Kong, then on to Manila (Cebu Pacific)
8 – Day in Manila with Auntie Loy. Evening drive to Pampanga.
9 – Day in Pampanga
10 – Evening flight to Cebu from Clark
11-12 – Cebu city (2 days/3 nights)
13-14 – Nalusuan Island Resort (2 days/1 night)
14 – Ferry to Bohol via Cebu city (4 days/3 nights)
17 – Afternoon flight back to Clark
18 – Day in Pampanga, including giant lantern festival
19 – Family reunion

Map showing location of Bohol

Here's where we're going - Manila, Cebu, Bohol. Mary Ann's home province of Pampanga is just north of Manila.

We’ve never been to Cebu and Bohol before so we’re all really looking forward to visiting a new part of the Philippines.


About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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