Wow Philippines!

Wow Philippines mug

Wow! Coffee in my Wow! Philippines mug

Following on from my last post, I should say I have nothing against buying mugs as souvenirs. The ‘Wow! Philippines’ mug has long been a favourite of ours.

Perhaps one day it may even become a rarity, for after seven years or so as the official tourism slogan of the Philippines, ‘Wow! Philippines’ has now been replaced. Or has it?

Last Tuesday the Philippines DoT (Department of Tourism) announced a new slogan and logo: ‘Pilipinas kay ganda’ (Philippines how beautiful’ and launched a website By Wednesday the website had been taken down and the DoT chief was facing a barrage of criticism.

At first the main objection was that most foreigners do not know the meaning of ‘kay ganda’ (and, I would add, not know how to pronounce it properly.) Then it was discovered that if the website url was misspelled by a single letter, viewers would find themselves on an internet porn website. To add to the embarrassment Spanky Hizon Enriquez, in his Manila Boy blog, pointed out that the logo and the font used bore a remarkable similarity to the Polish tourism logo.

Holloway Kay GandaNow, in that same spirit of (alleged) plagiarism, it is possible to have your very own ‘Kay ganda’ logo thanks to this very simple Facebook app.




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Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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