Itinerary, what itinerary?

Blogging today from the church office during a break from pre-sabbatical paper shuffling. Usually it’s quiet on a Saturday, but not today, because it’s Church Anniversary tomorrow at Archway and there’s plenty of activity.

Anyhow… posting our itinerary a few days back was obviously tempting fate. We have had to postpone flying to Cebu for a couple of days as we’ve heard that our niece Kate Danielle is being baptized on 12th December.

Baby Kate

Kate Danielle Dela Pena Fonacier. That's a big name for a little girl.

The plan now is to fly out from Manila after the baptism. So Mary Ann phoned round the hotels. We discovered the hotel in Cebu had no record of our reservation and the hotel in Bohol had only booked us in for 2 nights instead of 3. It’s all sorted out now, but because the hotel in Bohol is unable to accommodate us for an extra night, we are going to spend our last day at the Bohol Bee Farm, which looks like an interesting place. The timing is a bit tight on the last day (Saturday 18th December) as we will get the morning flight from Tagbilaran to Manila and then drive straight up to Pampanga in order to see the Giant Lantern Festival in San Fernando that evening.


About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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