“Oh the weather outside is frightful…”

Actually, it’s not too bad here in North London, with an inch or so of snow falling during the night. Compared to the southern and south eastern suburbs of the city, we have escaped lightly.

Cheers! Rhodora's introduction to mulled wine

Cheers! Rhodora's introduction to mulled wine

It started to snow later yesterday evening. Mary Ann and I, with our friends Rhodora and Alistair, went over to Hyde Park to visit ‘Winter Wonderland’, a German Christmas Market-themed fair. Compared to last year, there weren’t many people about. One of the stall holders told me that it had been quiet since the cold weather kicked in at the beginning of the week. Still, we enjoyed looking round the stalls, spent an idle 20 minutes watching people falling over on the ice rink, and kept warm with cups of mulled wine and hot chocolate. The only thing we bought was some Austrian cheese, which I have to say, is very tasty indeed.

Skiing around Waterlow Park

Skiing around Waterlow Park

Today we had lots of errands to run, including buying groceries for our Christmas Dinner, which we are having tomorrow night. But I insisted that we spend a couple of hours enjoying the snow – every year Mary Ann gets excited about the prospect of snow, and then when it snows stays indoors. So we went to Waterlow Park in Highgate, which looked absolutely beautiful. We were entertained by the moorhens running across their iced-over pond, competing with the pigeons to be the first to grab proferred pieces of bread and amused by the gentleman on skis – but why not ski around a London park? Afterwards we defrosted with a cuppa in the tea room of Lauderdale House before heading off to the Angel and the shops around Chapel Market.

Waterlow Park

Waterlow Park

By the way, we are starting to get a little worried by the news that Gatwick Airport is closed by snow, as we’re flying out from Gatwick on Monday.


About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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