Las Casas Filipinas

Casa Vyzantina

Casa Vyzantina, the 'Byzantine House', one of the recent additions at Las Casas Filipinas

After conserving turtles, conserving Filipino heritage.


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan, is a project of property developer Jerry Acuzar. Described as a ‘cultural heritage village’ and occupying a 400 hectare site, Las Casas features old houses from various parts of the Philippines situated on cobbled streets in immaculately tended grounds.

Casa Hidalgo

The elegant interior of Casa Hidalgo. Typically the living rooms are upstairs.

Many of these houses were in danger of demolition or were in an advanced stage of decay when they were bought by Mr Acuzar. They are painstakingly taken down, transported and rebuilt at Las Casas Filipinas, lovingly restored to their original condition. Other houses were reconstructed from materials found in builders yards.

Some of the houses are quite stunning with beautiful carving and detailing. They represent a more elegant age (though of course these are all properties that would have belonged to wealthy families) and this seems to be a philosophy underlying Las Casas: to promote old traditions and customs that reflect a simpler and less hurried way of life.

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