After the party

New year fireworks

New year fireworks

Life in the Philippines is returning back to normal today after the Christmas/New Year holidays. Yesterday the old Macarthur Highway which runs past the front of Sito and Arlyn’s house was jammed with southbound traffic as families were returning to Manila fromt he provinces; today the kids are back at school. I’ve not been feeling 100% these past couple of days, which seem to have been mainly taken up with attending church, eating and sleeping. I think we’re all a bit lacking in energy – probably a combination of late nights, the heat and a bit too much alcohol.

New Year went with a literal bang as the main road running through San Jose was turned into one long street party, with teenagers setting off fireworks, music and dancing, eating and drinking. As predicted, the newspapers since then have been full of casualty reports.

I’ve posted some photos of the celebrations before and after New Year into a single Facebook album.

We have a little business to attend to in Pampanga, then we’re going to spend a few days in Manila.


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