Hong Kong

hong kong a world citySo, here we are in Hong Kong. We nearly didn’t make it out of the Philippines, due to last minute repacking in order to bring the weight of our baggage down to a level so the plane could actually take off, and we made the gate with five minutes to spare. Fortunately the airport at Clark is small – it’s not like Hong Kong or Heathrow where it takes ages to get from A to B.Rather than an endless tunnel, the gate is a door that opens onto the tarmac.

An hour and a half after departing Clark and we had landed in Hong Kong, or as I have learned to say for convenience, HK. We are in a teeny tiny room in a guesthouse in Tsim Sha Tsui, the main shopping area in Kowloon (i.e. on the mainland side rather than the Hong Kong island side). But it is clean and cheap and has free wifi, which is more than can be said for many more expensive establishments.

A city of escalators and elevators

A city of escalators and elevators

Much is said about the busyness of Hong Kong, and it’s true, though the shopping malls of Manila were good preparation for the crowds and, hey, we’re Londoners. Immediate impressions are: the cosmopolitan nature of the city, the orderliness of the city after the anything-goes attitude of Manila, the ease of public transport, living in a vertical dimension (not just the highrise buildings, but the steep hillsides of the island), lots of people, electronic shops, jewellers, neon shop signs, people pestering you to enter their restaurant, have a foot massage and be measured for a suit. HK is ‘in your face’ and so far we love the vibe of the place. We notice that we are having to dig deeper into our wallets, but it’s still cheaper than London.

HK is a bustling place. No time for sitting around when there’s money to be made! We don’t have much time either – just 4 days/3 nights, which is why I’m writing this blog post well after midnight. I suspect I’ll only catch up with myself when I get back to the UK.

No time for slacking

No time for slacking: sign in Kowloon Park



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Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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