Our South East Asia tour – the best and worst

Seven weeks away is a fair chunk of time and already the things we did in week one seem like a long time ago. So what are our favourite memories of our holiday in the Philippines and Hong Kong? Here’s what we said:

Sophia and Dan getting close up to a tiger

Sophia and Dan getting close up to a tiger

Best thing we did

Sophia: Zoobic Safari, especially having my photograph taken with a tiger.
Nat: The viewpoint over Cebu city.
Dan: Jetskiing at Subic
Mary Ann: The family reunion, of course.
Me: Snorkelling on the reef at Nalasuan.

Best place we visited

Sophia and Dan: Kowloon – for the shopping, and generally for the atmosphere.
Nat: Cebu city.
Mary Ann: Nalasuan Island.
Me: A difficult choice – we visited so many interesting places. Probably Bohol.

Most fun experience

The Dela Pena men perform a sexy dance

The Dela Pena men perform a sexy dance

Sophia and Dan: Zoobic Safari
Nat: Going to the Celebrity Sports Plaza in Manila with my cousins.
Mary Ann: Going to the markets.
Me: For me, the funniest thing was the ludicrous dance that the Dela Pena family men ‘contributed’ to the family reunion. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

Best Hotel

Nat, Mary Ann and me: Grand Luis Lodge in Bohol.
Sophia: Bohol Bee Farm.
Dan: Nalasuan Island

Dan eating a Kenny Rogers sandwich

Dan enjoys one of Mr Roger's best

Best fast food

Nat: McDonald’s – it’s the best chicken.
Sophia: Jollibee.
Mary Ann: Max’s.
Dan: Kenny Roger’s for the rib sandwich.
Paul: Wendy’s was fairly expensive, but I did enjoy the Baconator – a huge chunk of protein and fat in a bun. And full marks for the excellent food hall in the  Glorietta Mall – I had a very passible mutton biryani.

Best restaurant

Nat: The President Chinese Restaurant in Manila – I preferred it to the restaurants in Hong Kong!
Mary Ann: Cocolime in Subic.
Sophia, Dan and Me: Bohol Bee Farm.

Best airport

All (in chorus): Hong Kong International!

Halo Halo

Halo halo (literally 'mix mix') - the Philippines' favourite dessert

Worst experience

Nat: Sharing a room with my parents in Hong Kong and having to listen to their snoring.
Halo halo (a controversial choice there Dan).
Mary Ann:
Going backwards and forwards every day to Angeles – it wasn’t like a holiday.
Mosquito bites.


About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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