A prayer for Japan

From the Methodist Church News Service:

Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake

11 March 2011

Several powerful earthquakes have hit northern Japan today including one of 8.9 magnitude, this may be the worst for 140 years.

Many people are waiting in fear for the coming aftershocks. The whole of Japan’s east coast is on tsunami alert, one of 10m has already struck the northern port of Sendai. Such a height of water could completely engulf some of the pacific islands. Many countries have warnings in place.

Inevitably the numbers of dead and injured are increasing hour by hour.

Our Mission Partners in Japan are safe and well, though worried about people they know in the north and on the coast. Many areas are without power and the government is asking people not to use the phone network so contact cannot be made with family members. They ask for our prayers.

God of love,
Be with the people of Japan as they cope with this earthquake,
God of peace
Be with those in fear of aftershocks and tsunami,
God of hope
Be with those who grieve and those waiting for news
God of all
Be with the island nations at the mercy of the sea,
God of the Church
Be with your people as they show your love and care.
We pray especially for our brothers and sisters in the United Church of Christ in Japan,
For our Mission Partners, Daniel and Yasuko Dellming and their children, Momoko, Daisuke and Yoko and their relatives in Japan and also for Sheila Norris, currently on a brief visit to the UK.


About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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2 Responses to A prayer for Japan

  1. Alice Cane says:

    Please , Dear Lord , take Care of all of the who are in the Quake area !((..I am living in Pa..USA,) and it is such a Shame. Dear God, the people that you took away in this Horrible earthquake , I only Pray that they went ..Straight to Heaven ..Thank You…Lord !(((..I will ask WHY…??, You have to have a Good reason for this Tragedy…. !…Please Give Peace a Chance //and rid of all the Greed !..and please Take Care of the Living , Please.. !).,,,,OUR Father who art in Heaven, hollowed Be thy Name !

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