MESH Computers: RIP?

A MESH computer

A MESH computer

Sorry to read today’s news on the PC Advisor website: MESH in Administration: the day the UK PC industry died?

I have a soft spot for MESH Computers: the first home computer we bought was a MESH (the base unit ended up being sent to the Philippines, not sure what happened to it eventually) and so were the first two desktops at the church, both of which are still performing well after 5 years, though in need of a RAM upgrade. As the article points out, MESH failed to keep pace with a changing market, particularly the move to laptops. I checked out the MESH website during my own search for a new laptop, to find that most were rebadged MSIs and not particularly competitive in price.

There are still quite a number of UK based manufacturers of PCs, even laptops. For example Novatech have quite a good range of laptops – the problem is that there are no reviews published anywhere and none in the shops that you can put your hands on in order to check them out. I won’t buy a laptop based solely on the spec and photos on a website. But if you’re looking for a more specialised PC it’s still well worth checking out UK manufacturers – when we came to replace the family MESH with a gaming machine we went to Chillblast.

So not the end of the UK PC industry. But I would agree – the end of an era.



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Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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