A day at the seaside

On Brighton Beach

On Brighton Beach

I’m writing this post while listening to the live feed of the Methodist Conference – it’s the opening day of the Representative Session and they’re welcoming representatives from church overseas.

Had a great day in Brighton yesterday with Mary Ann as we celebrated our wedding anniversary. Actually our anniversary is today, but we much preferred to travel on Friday, my day off, rather than Saturday, when the town will be packed.

If you have been to Brighton you will know it is a fairly compact (though hilly) place, with plenty to see on a day trip. After a stroll around the ‘Bohemian quarter’ of North Laine, we spent a short time on the beach, walked up and down Brighton Pier, and stopped off at Harry Ramsden’s for fish and chips (not as good as last time we were there.) After lunch we did more window shopping in The Lanes. But the highlight of the day was undoubtedly a visit to the Sea Life Aquarium. Thanks to our daughter working at a sister establishment we had a free pass, which makes a good thing seem even better.

The splendid 'splendid garden eel'

The splendid 'splendid garden eel'

I have to say I love aquaria. Watching the fish swim round and round brings a smile to my face. The ambient music being piped through Sea Life helped to create a ‘chilled’ atmosphere. Highlights were the tiny ‘Splendid garden eels’, popping their heads out of their little sand burrows, the friendly rays in the open tank that bobbed up as if to say hello, and the two sea turtles in the big tank. This has a tunnel, so the fish swim overhead; seeing these magnificent beasts from below was quite an experience. As for some of the smaller reef fish, the last time I met some of these was while snorkelling in the Philippines.

And of course what made the experience even more special was the person I was sharing it with. With the kids grown up and more than capable of fending for themselves, we are really enjoying spending more time ‘just the two of us’.

Under the sea

Under the sea

More photos from Brighton here.



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Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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