Fiji crisis escalates

According to, the government’s ban on Methodist meetings goes far beyond prohibiting the Methodist Conference from meeting. All church business meetings, even at local level, have now been banned by the ruling Military Council, as stated in a letter sent this morning to the Methodist Church:

“The letter directs that all 9 meetings under the Church constitution – including the monthly, quarterly, Standing Committee, financial and divisional meetings – all be banned.

The Military Council states that ban is being enforced as the Church failed to heed or adhere to directives for the President and General Secretary to step aside – as they have a case to answer in Court.

The Council concludes that the only way forward for the Church is to look within itself and make changes that puts it on the right path.”

Coming from a regime that suspended the Constitution of Fiji, dismissed the Court of Appeal, rules by decree under ‘Public Emerency Regulations’ and has continually delayed democratic elections  (leading to Fiji becoming only the second nation to be expelled from the Commonwealth) this last statment is chilling.

Please remember the people of Fiji in prayer:

God of truth and love, Lord of the day and the night
We pray for our brothers and sisters in Fiji.
They have day while we have night and night during our day
but we walk alongside them in this difficult time
together we need the light of your truth and the warmth of your love in every hour.
May all the people of Fiji work together for good
The Methodist Church, the Government, the Hindus, the Christians
Till justice rolls like the waters of the ocean
And peace rests as securely as the land. Amen.



About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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