A visit to the cathedral of the railways

Entrance to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Entrance to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

The weather has been absolutely stunning this past week. By a happy coincidence we had already arranged for my parents to stay a couple of nights. On Friday I headed over to Canary Wharf with my stepmother Sheila, who shares my interest in photography and we took lots of pics around the docks, as well as visiting the excellent Museum of London Docklands.

On Saturday morning we wanted to visit somewhere local where we could go for a short walk. We ended up going to St Pancras station. Outside the red brick gothic spires of the former Midland Grand Hotel (later renamed the St Pancras Chambers) contrasted wonderfully against the deep blue sky. Inside the sun shining through the glazed roof of the Barlow train shed brightly illuminated the entire station. It really is an impressive place.

The lobby of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

The lobby of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

I have been there before; it was the first time for Mary Ann and my parents. Previously however I hadn’t gone into the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, which occupies part of the old Midland Grand premises (the rest has been converted to luxury apartments) and has a very interesting lobby. The bar next door is located in the old Ticket Office of the station, which has a high gothic ceiling. Drinking in there must feel a bit like drinking in a church.

A very pleasant way of spending a couple of hours, especially for my train-enthusiast father, who reckoned he hadn’t been in St Pancras since the days of steam.

More photos in this Facebook album.

Olympic rings

The Olympic rings are a reminder that St Pancras is the gateway to Europe and a gateway to the 2012 games


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Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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