Rant of the week: Delayed delivery

I know that Advent is a season for waiting, but that doesn’t mean all waiting is good. Some reasons for waiting are pointless and unnecessary. Such as waiting for the delivery of a package.

With the increasing popularity of internet shopping I am sure I will not be the only person this week to grumble about delivery companies, in this particular case UK Mail. Two weeks ago I ordered some seasonal material from a Christian publishing company, including Christmas cards for the church. I was gratified to receive an email on Thursday informing me that the order had been dispatched and would be delivered within 24 hours. Although I am not in the church office on Fridays the church administrator is, so I planned to come in on Saturday morning to sign and address the cards, ready for the Sunday service. Arrived on Saturday and hmm… no cards.

By Monday afternoon I was getting a bit concerned that the delivery was taking so long so I went on the UK Mail website using their tracking service. It said that a delivery had been attempted at 10pm on Friday, and that a card was left at a building with a brown door. As we had in fact received no card and the church doors are glass with black frames I was naturally a little concerned, so phoned UK Mail. Eventually I spoke to a pleasant sounding young lade who said: “Yes a delivery was attempted on Friday but there was nobody there. the driver left a card.”

“But this is a church, not a house” I said. “There’s nobody here at that time of the evening.”

“Well we do try to deliver within working hours, but you have to understand we are very busy at the moment. Anyhow you should receive the delivery today. It should be with you by 6pm.”

I pointed out that it was 4.30pm and we were closing the office in an hour.

“We do try to deliver within office hours 8am to 6pm. It should be there by 6pm”

Ignoring the fact that last time they tried to deliver it was considerably later than this I repeated myself “Yes but I won’t be there -our office closes at 5pm.”

“But you requested the delivery between 8am and 6pm.”

Pointing out that I had request no particular delivery times at all but had simply placed an order with their customer I asked whether there was anything we might do.

“I’ll send a message to the driver. Call again just before you go home and we should be able to tell you whether the driver is a few minutes away.”

I called again at 4.55pm and spoke to another pleasant young lady, who informed me that they hadn’t yet heard back from the driver, but would put another call through. After waiting on hold for 5 minutes she got back to me.

“The depot’s not answering the phone.”

I suggested that if she could get a message through to request to leave the package with Weight Watchers who are on the premises until 7.30pm. Tomorrow we’ll see if they managed to deliver it second time round.


About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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