Off to the polls

Life has been very busy these past couple of weeks, so no time at all to post. However, I have a day off today and the first thing I’ll be doing is going to the polling station to vote.

In London the elections are very much focused on the post of Mayor of London and in particular the fight between the two front-runners: ex-mayor Ken Livingstone and the incumbent Boris Johnson. I shall be voting for Ken, not so much because he particularly impresses me as a politician but because I simply want to see Boris out and Ken is the only viable alternative. I concur with blogger Dave Hill, who writes:

“the Boris Brand is essentially a confidence trick: a great upbeat public display concealing a political philosophy which, I believe, will weaken and degenerate our city. Ken offers something better. Not perfection, not everything I’d like, but a clearer vision, a bit of fight, a ray of light.”

Actually I think that Dave’s strategy of giving the first vote to Jenny Jones, the Green candidate and second vote to Ken is not a bad idea. Not quite sure exactly what I’ll do till I get to the polling station and have the card in front of me, but that’s probably the way to go.


About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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