A snowy Monday

Caledonian Park clock tower in the snow

We managed to survive the first proper snowfall of winter – admittedly London wasn’t as badly affected as the west country and Wales. All Sunday services in the Circuit took place as usual, though congregations were a bit down in number – mainly due to older folks not taking a chance with icy pavements and delays in public transport.

The snow was already beginning to melt by Monday morning, which was a much brighter day, however there still plenty on the ground. As it was Mary Ann’s birthday I took a day’s annual leave and we went for a walk around nearby Caledonian Park. This is the second largest open space in the borough of Islington (the largest is Highbury Fields). Caledonian Park has an interesting history – it was laid out on the site of the former Caledonian Market and is still dominated by the 46m tall Clock Tower. Part of the park is closed pending improvements in association with the redevelopment of the Market Estate, but there is still plenty of park to walk around.

Inquisitive squirrelIn the wooded area at the west end of the park a feeding platform was attracting the attention of squirrels and pigeons. Mary Ann fished out some nuts to feed to the squirrels and got her finger bitten for her trouble. We counted five squirrels in all. The sun shone through the stands of silver birch trees, casting lengthening shadows on the snow. I’m guessing that the local schools must have managed to open for the day, as the park was almost deserted – in an hour we probably saw less than a dozen people and no children. It felt like we had this entire snowy landscape all to ourselves.

Paul and Mary Ann in the snow


About Holloway Rev

Paul Weary is a Methodist minister living and working in Holloway, North London.
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