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Food review: Retro Fondue and Your Bike Shed, York

As well as ruins, walls and old churches one thing York has in abundance is coffee shops, tea shops and cafes. There are of course the usual chains such as Costa, Starbucks and Nero. But there are also plenty of … Continue reading

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I’m now a zipcard carrying zipster (apparently)

Today I took my first journey (or ‘ziptrip’) in a Zipcar. It’s taken me long enough. I’ve been intending to join Zipcar since way back, when it was still Streetcar. The incentive was a promotion through Time Out Offers that … Continue reading

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From Little Venice to Little Arabia – Sunday afternoon on London’s canals

I’m on holiday this week but due to lack of funds our vacation has turned into a staycation. Never mind – there’s plenty to do in London, even with the terrible weather we have been ‘enjoying’ of late. So we … Continue reading

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London at 300 feet

On Tuesday we travelled on the latest addition to London’s transport network, the Emirates Air Line. This is the rather confusing name given to the cable car that runs over the River Thames between the Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal … Continue reading

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The highway home

It’s not often that I travel outside London and when I do I usually travel by train. However on Thursday we had to travel to Bristol to visit my father in hospital and the train was a crazy price. The … Continue reading

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End of the road for the bendy bus

I don’t travel on the 29 bus as often as I used to as I no longer have to travel regularly into Camden Town, so the news that the articulated ‘bendy’ buses were being withdrawn had passed me by. It … Continue reading

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A visit to the cathedral of the railways

The weather has been absolutely stunning this past week. By a happy coincidence we had already arranged for my parents to stay a couple of nights. On Friday I headed over to Canary Wharf with my stepmother Sheila, who shares … Continue reading

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