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Dell 3550 – first impressions

Finally I got round to buying a new laptop to replace my defunct Sony Vaio FE41E. I had a fairly good idea of the specs I was looking for. I wanted a small business rather than a consumer machine and … Continue reading

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Which PC?

The fact that my laptop computer (a 4 year old Sony Vaio FE41E) is on its last legs is not making it easy to update this blog on a regular basis. There’s something wrong with the graphics: the display looks … Continue reading

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Putting together the itinerary

I’m writing this from a very poorly laptop. The problem seems to be something to do with the graphics card, so I have disabled that. It’s kinda working, but everything is slow. Anyhow, the good news it’s working well enough … Continue reading

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Clearing my desk

Actually, to be precise, there are three desks to clear. (1) My church office desk, with the box full of papers underneath which is the desk overflow. (2) The desk in the administrator’s office which I am using much of … Continue reading

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