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Customer service

Being a dutiful son I popped into Walworth Post Office yesterday to post a package containing a Mothering Sunday present and card. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no queue; in fact I was the only customer … Continue reading

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Rant of the week: Camden Stables Market

I don’t often get up to Camden Lock these days, but on Monday we had to go to a particular shop in Camden Town and on discovering that the friend with us had never been before decided to show him … Continue reading

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Delayed delivery part 3

The delivery did finally arrive as promised. Strangely enough when I asked the delivery driver the reason for the delay he sadi that he had been on leave and the replacement driver had difficulty locating the building. Makes you wonder … Continue reading

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Delayed delivery part 2

So yesterday I was ranting about the inability of UK Mail to deliver a package at a convenient time. Was it delivered last night, as promised? What do you think? So I phoned UK Mail again today to find out … Continue reading

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Rant of the week: Delayed delivery

I know that Advent is a season for waiting, but that doesn’t mean all waiting is good. Some reasons for waiting are pointless and unnecessary. Such as waiting for the delivery of a package. With the increasing popularity of internet … Continue reading

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